How a Batik is Created - Step by Step

Step 1.
Use a cotton muslin material that has been washed in a professional textile detergent and line  dried.  Apply molten wax to the area you wish to remain white. The wax works as a resist, protecting the fabric from the dye.

Step 2. Creating Blue
Dip the fabric in a blue dye bath. Notice the white circle is preserved by the molten wax. Allow to dry 24 hours.

Step 3. Protect the Blue
Apply molten wax to the area that is to remain blue.

Step 4. Creating Green
Dip the fabric in yellow dye (not green)  the yellow in addition to the previously dyed blue material blends to create the green.

Step 5.  Protect the Green
Apply molten wax to the green area.

Step 6  Create more detail.
Dip in black dye bath to create the black lines and crackle affect.

Step 7. Remove the wax.
Sandwich the textile between newsprint and iron.  The wax is absorbed in the clean newsprint. You can also place the textile in simmering water until the wax is removed.