Sunday, December 8, 2013


Pattern.  Friday Illustration word.

After moving deeper into the prairie plane states, I became fascinated with the indigenous wild prairie grasses.  We've been here a year and it's given us the opportunity to watch the spectacular display as prairie grasses change from season to season, flowering and seeding and then turning to their rich golds and red colors.. Each species is unique in it's beauty and individually important to the ecology.

I'm  attempting to capture their overlooked beauty in batik.    Recently I was invited to show this exhibit at the Crane Trust National Center and the Bone Creek National Agrarian Museum of Art.  I will be working with conservation groups to using this exhibit to bring awareness of the fragile ecosystem.

The first exhibit will be in March and April, 2014.  Here is sneak peek

With this flowering Side Oat Gama, I tried to capture the gentle pattern and rolling ostinato dance of the reds and greens.. .