Monday, October 20, 2014

The Traveler

The Traveler
 Batik dyes, wax resist on cotton paper.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve contributed to this blog.  It started as a quasi-webpage – before I had a webpage - but much has happened this last year with awards and exhibits. 

This blog is traveling  a different direction in the same way that creative energy leads us different destinations.  This blog is an exploration of this journey into art and what it means to be an artist from an outsider’s point of view. I’m sure I will change my mind and my perception and my opinion with each blog as I am far from an expert in anything.  Each post is where I am at the given moment and where I am at that moment is exactly where I should be… as we all are.

I'll start this new year and this new blog direction with a theory about what makes an artist.  

 I believe that creative people have tapped into an inner place. If they haven't found it, they are on a determined quest to find that place they know exists.  It’s a similar place for all creatives.  Talent is  a need to express creative energy more than it is an ability to do something others can’t.  It’s an outflow of that inward flow. It is the current of life. It’s a cup that runneth over. It’s the ‘as above so below’. It may flow through art, music, parenting, teaching, cooking, writing but it all comes from the same source and it is best expressed when it has a clear path in order to flow.   When you experience that creative energy, there is an instinctive need to develop and perfect skills that allow for an affective outflow of that life current. Some call it the universal force others call it a consciousness; I call it the Holy Spirit.  I truly believe that talent is nothing more than desire to perfect skills in order to be an affective conduit of that endless creative energy. 

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